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This is your web-guide to raising multilingual children. Welcome! Here we have an entire site dedicated to kids growing up with multiple languages -- expert advice and real world wisdom, parent discussions, tips, resource directory, articles and more.- 


10 Steps to Raising a Multilingual Child 


Raising Bilingual Children - Blog


Latina moms – best friends since college – who are extremely passionate about ensuring their children not only speak both languages, English and Español, but that they also grow up proud of both their cultures, Latino and American. They realized there's was a lack of information available for parents raising bilingual + bicultural children, so they launched SpanglishBaby.check out the forum! 


One Parent One Language (OPOL)


the Bilingual Family Newsletter.  The last issued was published in December 2010.  The following link will take you to the archive of back issues. There are many relevant articles to help you in your journey to developing or maintaining a multilingual home. 


Multilingual Livingis a place where parents raising children in more than one language and culture can find inspiration, tools, advice, wisdom and support!  It is aboutlivingmultilingually, in each and every way possible. 

Multilingual Living - Because Global Communication Begins at Home 


Iguana magazine - revista para niños - Spanish language children's magazine - Bienvenidos-Welcome


Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) 


If you really want to get into the "nuts & bolts" of language acquisition, Google Scholar may be just what you need: 



kid's radio station: 

spanish words, numbers, and much more

reading is Fundamental in Spanish, interactive and fun  

TumbleBooks Audio Books (available through Clayton County Library) Mostly Spanish books, a few French   - (Click on TumbleBooks link, bottom right corner. Then click "Language Learning" and "View Online".)

cody's CuentosImprove your Spanish by listening to classic fairy tales and children’s stories in Spanish!

Spanish Vocabulary and Grammar- Fun games, timed quizzes, colors, number and more!

Spanish worksheets:

 Univision Television station shows Spanish cartoons on Saturday mornings, including Dora and Diego all in Spanish!

Check your local listings for the channel 

French words, numbers, and much more

here is a Canadian site with songs and games in French

A site with simple games and songs. This link takes you to the French version; it is also available in English



Listen to news in Spanish: 

or prefer a romantic music station? Here is a link to listen to romantic music in Spanish called "Amor stereo". The radio is live so you will be able to hear commercials! 

or are you a salsa lover? 

Here is a list of 100 Most Common Spanish Verbs and its conjugation: 

Try out this website. It has pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, idioms and more! I recommend it: