My son, Ian loves the class! I am so grateful that he has this opportunity to learn Spanish at such a young age. I was worried that he would complain about staying at school longer, but he hasn't complained once. He looks forward to it, and loves it! When I pick him up he is always so proud to tell me the new words he has learned! Thank you for all you do!


Carol, DES

Jason is loving spending time with you. When I asked him his favorite part on Monday Spanish class, he said “everything”!

Karen, DES

My sons LOVE the class! We talked about Camera, lampeta, flores, azul, hola, adios, gracias, de nada and more. I tried to build on it as much as I could without confusing them. They are very willing to speak the words which is very different from when they were learning mandarin. I will be playing the CD you sent home this week! They really enjoyed the class and I'm so happy we are a part of it!

Cara, DES

I am a beginner level student and get tudored in my home once a week- I love it! I am having so much fun learning a new language. Andrea makes learning fun and pushes me to converse with her in Spanish, even when it takes me so long to put together my sentences. She uses a variety of learning tools and we talk about everyday items and events to make sure I learn practical applications for the language. Andrea is patient and we have a lot of fun. I would recommend Andrea and her program to kids and adults.

Mary-Alpharetta, GA

The girls have been loving camp. They are always telling me what they do. Audrey especially is speaking. It would be nice to have 2 weeks  straight to extend the learning another week:)


"My girls (2 yrs 9 months) loved FLA class they just attended.  Complete immersion in Spanish with lots of play and interaction is the way to go.  They learned several new words in one session"

Kathy S. - Roswell, GA

I was enrolled in a Spanish class several years ago but could not keep up. A few months ago I decided to try again and contacted Andrea for one-on-one lessons. Now I am under no pressure and can advance at my own pace. Andrea is an excellent teacher. She has a lot of patience with me so I don’t feel pressured. She has helped me to gain self-confidence in learning the lessons. She is always positive and is wonderful and very caring person.I am in my 60s and a college graduate and I can say without hesitation that she is the best teacher I have ever had. Thank goodness I found her.

Brent, Alpharetta, GA

"We love the class. It really is just what I wanted for the Fall for her homeschooling beginning with Spanish. Everything is great!"

Colleen N. - Roswell, GA

"Jack and I LOVE the class.  I appreciate your great attitude and patience with my "energetic, easily-distracted" little one.  He really enjoys the class and the materials; particularly the music as he always asks for "more Spanish please, Mom" when we are driving around town.  It will take some time to sink in, but we are talking around the house and plan to stick with it.  We have a lot to learn.  You are a wonderful teacher"

Valerie A. -Roswell, GA

"We love your Spanish class! You are a fabulous instructor with such great energy and passion.
My kids are learning so much"

Rebecca M. - Roswell, GA


On Thursday mornings we tell Nitin "it is Spanish class day" and he immediately wakes up. He is very much excited about learning:) Thanks for making it interesting!!


Nalini -North Point Prep.

My son had taken some statewide Spanish test a month or two ago and he just found out that he is in the top 15 in the state. Thanks so much for working with him last semester. He does work very hard, but working with you gave him a boost (and the confidence) he needed to do well in Spanish.

Jack, Milton, GA