• Second sibling receives a 20% discount
  • Third sibling in the same class receives 50% discount
  • Your child's session will be free if you establish a FLA program at you child's preschool or elementary school


Show classes for:
Spanish 6-11 years

Our  elementary students learn Spanish through adventures, activities that require increasing levels of engagement and understanding over time, and that reward kids with a feeling of accomplishment. A simple literacy component ensures that these students not only listen, speak, sing and play in their new language, but read and write as well. Foreign Language Adventure is proud to partner with elementary schools nationwide to provide convenient classes to their students.



After preliminary discussions, families and tutors decide on the most convenient class schedule and location. For every student, our experienced teachers design a customized syllabus addressing the child’s specific learning style and strengths.

Private tutoring is offered in a 10 hour package: 

1 student, 10 hours: $440

2 students, 10 hours: $640

3 students, 10 hours: $790